Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Eagles doing everything right, leaving fans outraged.

The Philadelphia Eagles announced Wednesday that former Oregon Ducks coach, Chip Kelly, will take over as the Birds Head Hancho. "Chip Kelly will be an outstanding head coach for the eagles." Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie said of the new coach. " He has a brilliant football mind."

"What makes Howie Roseman think we want to be back in the playoffs already? One eagles fan told HWG Radio. "Does he not see how much fun we are having bitching about this franchise? It's the only thing that has been keeping me going lately." 

 Eagles fans are lashing out all over social media about the hiring of Chip Kelly. "I hate Chip Kelly. This sucks!" said one Eagles Fan, "No one in this town is ready to be good again. We were hoping for a Gruden or a Cower to come in here for 2 or 3 years and continue on the same path we were going on for the past 100 years. Have you seen how miserable people are in Boston? We don't want that here. And now were gonna be in the playoffs all the time and have nothing to bitch about..."  

Chip Kelly boasts a 6-2 record against Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll from his time at Oregon, the same Harbaugh and Carroll who came out of the PAC 12 and took their young teams to the playoffs this year with 2 QBs who were starting for the first time in the NFL.

One Eagles Fan isn't buying the Chip Kelly Hype...

"Yea there are some similarities between Chip Kelly and those guys, but so what." "Yes, OK, so these two former PAC-12 coaches took over teams that were in great sports cities but were having bad years. They developed their young talent and used an overall disciplined, Team First approach.  Both Coaches developed young talent at the QB position. And they were both in the playoffs this year. But what does any of that have to do with Philadelphia..."

To us, at Here We Go Radio, it seems the fan base of the Eagles are angry, but why? The formula for success in this era seems to be written on the wall and the Eagles are following it perfectly.

How to turn a sub par team into a playoff team.

Step 1. Fire a stale NFL Coach.
Step 2: Bring in young talent at the QB Position. 

 Step 3: Bring in a great college coach, preferably from the PAC 12

Step 4: Make the Playoffs.  

So why all of the push back?

"It's not our time! No one in Philly is ready for a Football Championship. We are much happier spending our break time bitching about our coach and quarterback than we would ever be celebrating a Superbowl. Now we have a promising QB and a great coach? No, no no no no! It's too much! Chip Kelly was the best option for Philly. He made the most sense, especially with the way Carroll and Harbaugh took their teams to the playoffs. And thats why it was such a bad move. What are we supposed to talk about all day... how happy we are?  F that!" -Ed Rendell

It seems that Philly is doing everything right for a change, and the Eagles fans just dont like it. We will see how the season plays out, but it seems like the old way of cheering for the Eagles may be ending.


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