Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thin the Herd...

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There are way too many people on the earth. Bill Burr was right when he said the next time there is a pandemic ... just let it take its course. Thin the herd...

When we can't even help KIDS with mental disabilities, how the hell can we call ourselves successful. It amazes me that in today's society, we can invent a machine that can fly, unmanned, and bomb entire villages, yet we can't properly treat a mental illness in one of the wealthiest counties in Connecticut. We can hit an Ant in North Korean with a Nuclear Missile using a device the size of an iphone yet we can't give a kid the time of day to just freaking listen him or her. We can update our Facebook Status, write a blog, send a tweet about Brett Favre's dick, watch Elizabeth Hasselbeck try to form sentences with Mitt Romney's ball bag hitting her in the eyes.... ok im getting carried away.. the point is... we spend a lot of time worrying about ourselves, and then bitch about the fact that no one paid attention to the kid who shot up a school. 

I would like to invent a bullshit-o-meter for Facebook status's that made you answer a series of relative questions before you were able to publish a status. As soon as someone said "F Lanza, he's evil" i would have it quiz them on mental disabilities and if they didn't know jack shit, Zuckerberg would send one of those unmanned aircrafts to the person's location and drop 35 LBs of horse semen on their keyboard. And same goes for the people who say "No one paid attention to him! Bad parenting"... the quiz would read Q: "When was the last time u spent quality time with a child with a mental disability?" good chance the answer would be NEVER. in which case, Automatic Semen Shower. 

Editors Note: Like we said, this blog is a literal dumping grounds for our thoughts and feelings. Most of the time they are funny but sometimes we are faced with reality. 

This kid, Lanza, (and i say kid because he was younger than me and i do not yet consider myself to be a man yet..because i have yet to kill an animal in the wild) was said to have Multiple Personality Disorder (MDP) as well as Aspergers. He was probably suffering from a laundry list of other issues including but not limited to Self Harm, Depression, Anxiety, as well as other more specific social disorders like Oppositional Defiance and Impulses. The kids mind was fucked up, and its plain as day that not enough was done to help him cope with the bull shit he has to wake up with every single day. Do you think it is fun waking up with a truly insane mind? Talk to anyone who has lost a limb and ask them which would be worse, losing limbs or losing your rational mind? and i guarantee you they would chop their own dick off before they lost control of their mind. Eric LeGrande, a man who is paralyzed from the neck down, and one of my biggest inspirations was quoted as saying, "I may have lost my body for the time being, but i didnt lose the most important thing, my mind." Imagine having very little control over your outbursts, your anger, your actions, your emotions. Imagine waking up and seeing your mother and truly believing she was the devil and it was your job to kill her and everyone of the babies that she was teaching because they too were learning how to be satanic creatures. Imagine if that was your reality? Sounds irrational.... but only to the lucky ones. 

We are incredibly lucky to have our rational minds. Some people have no concept of right and wrong, good or bad, evil or righteous. Some people look at what Lanza did and can only equate it to stealing a candy bar from a convenience store or even think Lanza is a hero, saving us all from evil. But because, when i wake up i put my socks on before my shoes and i have a well balanced diet, everyone else does the same... Are you nuts? PEOPLE ARE ALL INSANE...ALL OF US... AND THE ONLY THING THAT SEPARATES YOU, FROM LANZA IS THE SEVERITY OF YOUR INSANITY. 

My point in all of this is to get you to take 1 night out of your "busy" life to read up on mental illness. Try to understand it as best u can, then have an INFORMED OPINION about the events at Sandy Run. Stop being impressed by the BS you do on a daily basis and start helping people that can't help themselves. Make sure that, before u spend 1 second trying to talk about Gun Control, you understand why an Uncontrolled Mind is the weapon and not an Uncontrolled gun. That's another topic for another  time but blaming this tragedy on a gun is real convenient for us... taking the blame away from people... because we are so incredibly flawless. i witnessed a man get taken to the hospital because he held in his shit too long and his colon burst. He was waiting in line to buy Halo. Now if u think we are not F'ed up u are out of your mind. 

my computer is at 8% so let me wrap this up. Again i won't edit this simply because i dont want it to sound too formal. I want you to read it as my brain is saying it. Kinda like mind vomit. But heres the moral of the story. Know what the F you're talking about before you open your mouth. Your opinion is not as important as you think, so make it worth a listen. Lanza was not evil, he was insane, and with the right amount of attention, we may never even know his name... but now we do...unfortunately. 

Check out this powerful article by a mother of a child much like Adam Lanza....


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