Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Here We Go!!

Lets jump right into it. No Intro. No bull shit....ok i guess a small amount of bull shit.....

What I am Listening to right now:

There are a bunch of contributors to this blog. we come from many walks of life... ok thats bull shit, we all grew up in the same neighborhood and have been hanging out since elementary school. well most of us have... @WAMIDS came into the group in 8th grade when he agreed to let us hit him in the dick on camera. (dont worry, you will slowly but surely meet the whole group... and no, were not using our real names..sorry). So we are a group of white guys from the same walk of life. The only thing that really separates  us are our chosen professions, which we will not discuss, but it gives us unique perspectives and "knowledge".. i use that term very loosely. This blog will be a dumping grounds for the shit we randomly think up and how we feel about the world around us. Think of this as "The View" for dudes who hate "The View" . 

editors note.. I dont edit jack shit. I feel the way i type truly represents my intelligence level. (PS  I misspelled intelligence in that sentence and changed it because thats F*&king embarrassing)

so....... HERE WE GO!

First of all before you learn anything, you must learn where the hell this "HERE WE GO" shit came from. I am sure, if you know any of us, you have heard it over 400 times, and you're probably sick of it. i Don't Care. We cannot take credit for the phrase "Here We Go" , in fact, we stole it. Im sure by saying that we are now breaking the law but lets be honest... no one is going to read this shit anyway.... maybe my mom will... in which case i should stop saying shit. SO.... where did "Here we go" come from? well i can tell u where it didn't come from...those annoying Bud Light Commercials. I enjoy bud light sometimes but i don't say here we go every time i drink it.....actually shit i might say it every time i drink it come to think of it.... damnitt. But thats only because its one of our favorite things to say.. GET TO THE GOD DAMN POINT,,, 

OK so the origin of here we go.... After these Messages.

OK enough dicking around. Here We Go stems from the latin root. HerusWegus Which means "A Unicorns Wing". Also, its a phrase that one of the most badass human beings to ever take a diareha shit on this earth uses daily. This "god like figure of Americana"s name?  Shelby Stanga aka Swampman Shelby of Ax Men. Our odd man crush obsession with this character led us to express joy through the use of his catch phrase " HERE WE GO!!!!" 

And another gem came about through his sophisticational fortitude. and that is "you're pissin me off james!" Which is used any time we are, well, pissed off... kinda self explanatory....

As it turns out we completely fucked this line up.... and up until about 5 minutes ago we have been using the wrong name... were dumb as shit, basically. but because we are stubborn we arent going to use the name Louis... were sticking with James... eat shit Louis. 

So thats the back story to "Here We Go". You're welcome. 

Thats it for me .

Suck it,



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